Nikolaj Sonne of ‘So ein Ding’ joins as a judge for Startup Weekend

We’re working on bringing in some ‘heavy hitters’ for the judges panel of the upcoming Startup Weekend Copenhagen Mobility event! Nikolaj Sonne of the television program ‘So ein Ding‘ has graciously agreed to be a judge for the event. Nikolaj will be present Sunday evening for the judges panel and final award.

How does Startup Weekend work? On Friday evening, you come and enjoy dinner  – and pitch ideas. Everyone votes on the best ideas and then break into teams. The teams work like crazy for 54 hours (with breaks for meals and networking of course) and Sunday evening we present to the judges panel. The judges select the best ideas and the winner receives one of those giant cardboard checks. The weekend is fun and a good learning experience.

Tickets are going really fast (especially those discounted student tickets – 4 left!) so click here to buy a ticket for the event today! 

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