The case for Starting Something at Startup Weekend

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I’m a woman. And I love startups.

I’m excited about the commitment to following startup passions. I love inspirational stories of people who risk it all to start that one great venture – and fail. And they start again only to meet with great success the second (or tenth) time.

I was hooked into the startup community after attending a networking event in Copenhagen. I wanted to be part of the startup ecosystem – except I was nervous about being a woman. Startup events draw a handful of women. What if I made a fool of myself by coming to an event where I wasn’t taken seriously?

That all changed with Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is 54 hours, Friday through Sunday, where entrepreneurs pitch and build their ideas with small teams of entrepreneurs.

By chance I received a free ticket and decided to attend. That free ticket changed everything.

Techies are a very inclusive group and I was immediately welcomed at the Startup Weekend. I felt comfortable. I didn’t pitch an idea, but I easily joined a group. I was the ‘creative’ lead for the team and created the one minute commercial introducing the concept the idea. This left plenty of time for networking and getting to know other people.

On Sunday night, my team pitched – and lost. However, I got so much out of the contacts I made. I ended up getting a lead on an apartment to rent (which I ended up living in for six months) and a networking opportunity that lead to my current job.

Now I organize Startup Weekends in Denmark and encouraging entrepreneurs – especially women entrepreneurs to participate. A Startup Weekend can be just the right nudge to create that startup you’ve been thinking about.

We just so happen to have a Startup Weekend Copenhagen from March 23 – March 25th at the Nokia Headquarters in Sydhavn. Take this opportunity to network and join the startup community!

(Psssst. Win tickets through We Unite!)

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