Startup Weekend Copenhagen Mobility Update

The Tech All Stars team is currently at the Startup Weekend Copenhagen Mobility event scouting out new entrepreneurial talent.  Tech All Stars is a co-organizer of this event – and where ever there are entrepreneurs creating the next big thing, Tech All Stars is on the scene!

What’s Tech All Stars? Tech All Stars is the event for the hottest startups in the EU. We are encouraging accelerator and web camp (i.e. Startup Weekend) program winners to apply. We are also selecting two wildcard teams that have not graduated from accelerators or web camps. So if your startup ROCKS, you can apply.

In June, we will select the best and send them for a two day event in London. The second day is a Founder’s Forum where selected startups will hobnob with investors, VCs and the best entrepreneurs in the world.

So whats the vibe at Startup Weekend? 90% of the participants are newbies – brand new to the Startup Weekend world. We started off Friday with an amazing dinner and a great talk by our guest speaker CEO of Codesealer Nicolaj H. Nielsen. Nicolaj shared his perspective as a successful entrepreneur with ten lessons he learned while building his startup. Then we had about 30 great pitches. From here 15 teams were formed and people worked through the night on their startup.

Check out this dinner spread. ONLY the best for the Startup Weekend entrepreneurs…

An entrepreneur puts it out there for a pitch!

Its Saturday morning and we are preparing for the mentors to arrive. Mentors volunteer to provide advice and info to the startup teams. The teams are buzzing – the startups have a mid-point check in later today and they are preparing for their conversations with the mentors.

The Tech All Star team will check in again tomorrow to see how Startup Weekend Copenhagen Mobility is progressing and provide a list of startups formed for the weekend. So check in with us tomorrow!

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